Todo List

Member rarBasePdf::doPdfFit (TString pdfList="")
Create_thisSimPdfWOP through another function

Member rarConfig::createAbsVar (const char *varStr, const char *option="")
Print Unblind Status after job

Member rarMLFitter::combineNLLCurves (TList &curves, Bool_t shiftToZero=kTRUE, Double_t *maxNLL=0)
Combine 2D plots (and more-D if possible)

Member rarMLFitter::compGen (RooAbsPdf *gen, RooArgList subGens, RooCategory &compCat)
Make sure it works for multi physics cats

Member rarMLFitter::doLLRPlot (RooDataSet *projData, TList &plotList)
this _protDataVars should be replaced with fullProtVars

Member rarMLFitter::doSPlot (RooRealVar *theVar, TList &plotList)
add _protDataVars into projDeps for sPlot

standardize protDataVars, protDataEVars

Member rarMLFitter::doToyStudy (RooArgSet fullParams)
Make protGen, etc, independent of toy study so they can be used by other routines.

Member rarMLFitter::run ()
It is possible and more elegant to have this function divided into several different functions according to fitting job type.

Member rarMultPdf::init ()
should have its own getProtGen(), similar to that for prodpdf

Member rarNLL::getX (Double_t y)
should use weights

Member rarStrParser::nextToken ()
Make quote (") regular character with `\"'.

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