RooRarFit File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions: [code]
rarAdd.hh [code] [code]
rarArgusBG.hh [code] [code]
rarBallack.hh [code] [code]
rarBasePdf.hh [code] [code]
rarBifurGauss.hh [code] [code]
rarBinned.hh [code] [code]
rarCBShape.hh [code] [code]
rarCompBase.hh [code] [code]
rarConfig.hh [code] [code]
rarCruijff.hh [code] [code]
rarDatasetDef.hh [code] [code]
rarDatasets.hh [code] [code]
rarDecay.hh [code] [code]
rarExp.hh [code] [code] [code]
rarFlatte.hh [code] [code]
rarGaussian.hh [code] [code]
rarGaussModel.hh [code] [code]
rarGeneric.hh [code] [code]
rarGounarisSakurai.hh [code] [code]
rarHistPdf.hh [code] [code]
rarKeys.hh [code] [code]
rarLass.hh [code] [code]
rarMinuit.hh [code] [code]
rarMLFitter.hh [code] [code]
rarMLPdf.hh [code] [code]
rarMultPdf.hh [code] [code]
rarNLL.hh [code] [code]
rarNovosibirsk.hh [code] [code]
rarOsipDisc.hh [code] [code]
rarPoly.hh [code] [code]
rarProd.hh [code] [code]
rarRelBreitWigner.hh [code] [code]
rarSimPdf.hh [code] [code]
rarSPlot.hh [code] [code]
rarStep.hh [code] [code]
rarStrParser.hh [code] [code]
rarThreshold.hh [code] [code]
rarToyList.hh [code] [code]
rarTriGauss.hh [code] [code]
rarTwoGauss.hh [code] [code]
rarUniform.hh [code] [code]
rarUsrPdf.hh [code]
rarVersion.hh [code] [code]
rarVoigtian.hh [code] [code]
RooBallack.hh [code] [code]
RooBinnedPdf.hh [code] [code]
RooCruijff.hh [code] [code]
RooFlatte.hh [code] [code]
RooGounarisSakurai.hh [code] [code]
RooLass.hh [code] [code]
RooOsipDisc.hh [code] [code]
RooRelBreitWigner.hh [code] [code]
RooThreshold.hh [code]

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